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Waiting to have sex until marriage really is the will of God. It is also very challenging. For those single men and women that endeavor to obey God in this area, this three part DVD series will be a tremendous blessing providing you with the wisdom and encouragement you need. [MORE]
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Bad Relationship or Blessed Single Life

Are you settling for a bad relationship because you believe it is impossible to have a blessed single life. Learn to live a blessed single life until God sends you a blessed relationship. Don't settle and don't compromise. [MORE]

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How To Believe God For A Marriage Partner

Find out how to take your desire for a marriage partner and turn it into a manifested reality. Get a marriage partner from God and get that person Go...[MORE]

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Is My Heart Under Attack - Part Two

Your heart is the place where you perceive, reason, understand, have insight, consciousness, memory, knowledge, reflection, judgment, sense of direction, discernment and emotions- all of these functions are included in the Biblical understanding of heart. In part two Debbie continues to expose the conditions of the heart and explains what happens when your heart is under attack. This series will help you get your heart ready for the blessing God wants to give you. [MORE]

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Celebrate Your Singleness

As a single you have a choice in how you respond to your marital status. You can be mad and miserable or you can be content and satisfied. You can cho...[MORE]

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